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Curated Solutions for Home and Business

In a market flooded with inferior products our mission at Maximum OC is to provide our customers with curated solutions for their IT needs. Rather than say "Pick Two: Price, Speed, Reliability" we do the research to discover what product and brand offers the best price, speed, and reliability for your growing IT needs.

About Maximum OC


Founded in 2000 by Zachary Emerick, Maximum OC started off as a tech news and reviews website as a side project while Zachary was attending Penn State for his BS in BA Marketing/Management. With an active user base of approximately 35,000 and 1,000,000 hits per month Maximum OC was a key source of information regarding high end computer cooling, overclocking experiments, and reviews. This then expanded into offering extreme cooling products such as graphics card cold plates and the world's first mass produced Liquid Nitrogen CPU Cooler-products that saw success in a niche market. Throughout the late 00's Maximum OC then pivoted into a localized builder of consumer and business computers along with servicing computers, networks, and other technologies.

Pivoting to an IT Solutions Provider

In 2010 Maximum OC officially set up shop as an IT systems and service provider offering brands such as Intel, Nvidia, AMD, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Ubiquiti, Eaton, Sony, LG, NEC, QNAP, Wacom, Asus, Supermicro, Lian Li, EKWB, and more.

Not only do we offer a hand picked IT product range; we also offer a full suite of IT services ranging from upgrades and repairs, to networking, VOIP, surveillance, and customized service plans if your business has intentions to outsource their IT support.

Moving Forward

Going into 2017 we are celebrating the official opening of our web store which will have all the products we have been using and recommending for years-now available at the click of a button or a tap of a finger.

Passion for Tech

Being passionate for tech goes beyond staying on top of emerging technologies and trends. It means surrounding yourself in all aspects of tech, examining those technologies, learning about them, and then choosing to offer them (or not) to the end user. We strive to ask questions to expand our knowledge base and pass this information on to our customers.

Overclocking is in Our Name

The "OC" in our name stands for overclocking and since 1999 we have been firm believers in getting the most out of technology. Our gaming rigs have the option to arrive pre-overclocked at stable, reasonable settings which balance speed and reliability. These overclocked machines pair up excellently with our custom water-cooled rigs built to order.

We Sell What We Use

There are many products in the IT market so we simplify things by providing only what we feel is the most complete solution. We have eliminated mediocre products from our offered product range and only providing what we feel is the best. Added value comes in the shape of increased product life span and thus reduced upgrade cycles, higher efficiency via less down time, and increased performance. These products are the same hand picked products that we use here at Maximum OC.

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